Floor Work


Self Portrait, 2020

Found glass, ash and sedimentary rock on cliff in Porter Ranch.

9 x 6 feet. 

July 2020.

Evenings with Tamy at SMC.

Pyracantha on Cement.

48 x 10 inches.

November 2018.


In Iran they adorn tomb stones with flower petals in pretty patterns. In Nicaragua they make designs out of foliage on the ground for Semana Santa. 

Found glass, kumquat peel, orange peel, sedimentary rock, pomegranate blossoms, persimmon blossoms, bougainvillea, rose petals, bottle brush and honey on cement. 

6 x 3 feet.

May 2019.


Riding Dream Dog

Jacaranda flowers, found glass, sedimentary rock, mustard flowers.

4 x 3 feet.

June 2018.


All my diaries from 2003.

(As featured in "Glass Sneaker" by film maker Ambar Navarro)

Found glass and sedimentary rock.

4 x 3.5 feet.

December 2018.


Of Wrath, Sing

Myrtle blossoms, and various fallen garden flowers collected from the sidewalks on Cypress Shrub.

3.5 x 2 feet. 

August 2018.


bravado by lorde meaning

Found glass, jacaranda flowers, mustard flowers, sunflowers, bougainvillea, sedimentary rocks on cliff in Porter Ranch.

6 x 5 feet. 

June 2018.


Don't destroy my life with your inimitable heaven.

Pyracantha, found glass, and sedimentary rock on a cliff in Porter Ranch.

8 x 11 feet.

November 2018.